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At the recent Annual Jewish Day School Day of Learning, held in New York on November 8, Torah Live director Rabbi Dan Roth spoke about the role of technology in teaching the timeless Torah. Here is an excerpt from his presentation.

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Tel Aviv is the cultural center of Israel, and much has been written about the must-see sites in the city. But as a long-term resident of Israel (24 years this summer…), my recent vacation to Tel Aviv focused on the little-known sites that often get overlooked by foreign and local tourists alike.


What’s the difference between SEO and PPC, and how do you choose where to focus?

SEO refers to search engine optimization and is the process of letting the search engines know what your website is all about. 

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Of all the ways you can market your product or service online, content marketing is one of the most effective. Providing real value for readers who are looking for answers – or even just a little bit of entertainment – can bring people to your site and let them know what you are all about.

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Getting the word out about your business on social media is crucial. The sheer abundance of websites out there means that it is harder for customers to find you, unless you go out and specifically target them. But, there are so many choices for social media platforms, and marketing seriously on all of them can be an intense drain on your resources. How do you determine which platforms are right for your business, your message, and your potential clients?


As an entrepreneur, you surely understand the importance of being present on social media but you may not have lots of time to spend on each platform. You are busy with providing your customers with the best service and highest quality products, online and offline marketing and a million other tasks which go along with being your own boss.


How to Find Influencers and Get Them to Be Your Marketing Partners

Today’s customers make most of their decisions on the basis of recommendations. They ask friends and colleagues for advice and they follow experts in their fields to see what they recommend. One of the best ways to get your product, service or content in front of potential customers is to have it recommended by an influential blogger or social media personality in your niche. Sounds simple, right?

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A recent ad in a local Rehovot haredi newspaper blurred the picture of Sivan Rahav-Meir. Ironically, the ad was for an event at which Rahav-Meir will be speaking. 

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Email newsletters allow you to transform chance encounters with your website into ongoing relationships. You don’t want to squander this opportunity by ignoring the impact statistics that are at your fingertips.


You know who you are. The people that are constantly telling others what they should and should not post on Facebook, and how they should post it. Some object to discussions of food, babies or politics. Others don’t like too many pictures or memes. Still others complain about Facebook users who post only about their business.

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Israel may be a small country but it is blessed with vastly varying climates from top to bottom, including deserts, forests and tropical zones. Northern Israel is the greenest section of the country, with lush forests, rolling hills and flowing water. If you’re a nature lover, you won’t want to miss the beautiful sites of the Galilee and Golan Heights.

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When we think of the Dead Sea, we usually think of the amazing experience of floating in a body of water that won’t let you sink. This is a pretty amazing experience which should not be missed on your trip to Israel. But there are also many other attractions in the Dead Sea region which are worth a visit.

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In recent years, Jerusalem’s food scene has exploded, with new restaurants popping up on an almost daily basis. Tourists and locals are no longer limited to falafel and schwarma; Israeli restaurants serve almost every type of cuisine in a variety of atmospheres. During your stay in Jerusalem, dine on gourmet food in elegant surroundings, challenge your taste buds with ethnic cuisine, eat like a local in a shuk restaurant, eat at a family-friendly establishment or grab a quick fast food meal.

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Central Israel’s landscape is mostly urban but if you know where to look you will discover an abundance of natural beauty. If you enjoy hiking or just being outdoors, you don’t have to venture far from your hotel to find relaxing spots and amazing photo opportunities.

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On the morning after the kidnapping, I was touring Gush Etzion with Israel Scaventures. I was only vaguely aware that something had gone down, and was blissfully enjoying a day to get to know a part of the country I don’t visit often, despite its relative proximity to my home.


If you’re heading south anytime soon, take a tour of Sderot with the Sderot Media Center. It will totally change your perspective on the lives of the people living there.

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With all this recent talk of Women of the Wall, I have been reflecting on the experiences of women at the Western Wall in general. Whenever I find myself in the Old City, I make a trip to the Kotel. Mincha, a few chapter of Tehillim and some quiet reflection before backing up all the way to the entrance leave me feeling that I have done my duty at the site closest to the Temple Mount.

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If I had to choose a location for a conference on crisis management and tourism, Jerusalem would certainly be my first pick. But the need to manage and recover from crises is not unique to Israel. In fact, terrorism is not the only crisis that tourism has to deal with. Floods, tsunamis, shootings and political unrest can also affect a tourist destination. 

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