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The Future of Work

I was privileged to attend an excellent presentation about the future of work by Nirit Cohen at the Temech Conference on June 5. In this presentation, Nirit discussed how the traditional idea of going to an office every day and working in a big corporation is changing slowly.

As technology becomes more advanced, remote work becomes more of a reality. In addition, it's much easier these days to outsource various tasks, so there's no longer a need to hire every type of professional in-house.

Small 1-4 person businesses who hire other small businesses to do various tasks are the future of our work life.

This resonated with me, as I am myself the owner of a small business who outsources certain jobs to others on a regular basis. And, of course, I am often the business doing the outsourced work.

Unless you are a very large company or organization, chances are that you don't need a full-time in-house digital marketer. But that doesn't mean you don't need digital marketing. Outsourcing is the perfect solution!

One caveat is that your digital marketer needs to properly understand your business in order to promote it well. The more you treat your marketer like a valued member of your team the better your marketing materials will be. Including him on company emails, sending regular updates, instructing staff members to stay in touch with him and inviting him to occasional meetings are all ways to keep your marketer in the loop.

Nirit pointed out that where we once studied in our youth, worked for 30 years and then retired to enjoy ourselves, we are now doing all three things at once. We must keep studying to stay up on trends and new technology and we need to work for longer years, so we won't be waiting that long to enjoy ourselves. That's why work-life balance has become such a hot topic in recent years.

A key way to maintain work-life balance is not to take on tasks which you don't have time for, are not on the list of your natural talents or you just don't enjoy doing. That's another reason to outsource to people who live and breathe the job and will do it well without your having to stress about it.

Those of us who are in the digital marketing field are doing jobs that we couldn't have imagined would exist when we were in school. Who knows what the future will bring? According to Nirit, we will see more automation, fewer human jobs and more co-working spaces. I'm excited to welcome these changes and see how they affect my career and my life.

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