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Taking That First Step in Social Media

In a recent phone call with a fellow businesswoman, I was asked, “If I don’t have a lot of time for social media, what should I be doing to get my name out?” The woman who asked the question was surprised by my answer. I told her that the best thing to do is interact with people on groups. Answer questions, share expertise, help out and give advice.

This idea was one I presented in a Facebook Live with Ilana of IRG Websites. Ilana asked me to define content marketing, and I asked her how often a new client says he was referred by someone Ilana has never heard of or met. Turns out, this happens pretty often. I told Ilana this was a result of successful branding and trust-building. People know that she’s the go-to person for everything WordPress maintenance, and they refer to her even if they haven’t worked with her themselves.

First Step in Social Media

Shopping has become pretty anonymous these days. We often buy products on websites and purchase services from people we have never met. That’s why we rely so heavily on referrals and on content to determine whether a person or company is worthy of our trust.

So, if you don’t have a lot of time, but you understand the value of social media for growing your business, I recommend starting by sharing your knowledge and expertise on various groups. Join business groups, groups relating to your industry and even some really general ones. Designate a time every day to skim the posts and see if there’s anything you can answer to showcase your skills.

If you do this diligently, soon other people will start doing your job for you. Suddenly, you will find yourself being tagged in relevant posts and recommended as a matter of course. Your word of mouth marketing will start to work online as well as offline and you will start to see an increase in leads.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

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