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Email Marketing: What's the Secret?

An entrepreneur recently asked on a Facebook group whether anyone still reads promotional emails. She said that she never does, so she is skeptical about the effectiveness of email marketing.

I responded that some people do still read these emails. Depending on your target market, email marketing might be an extremely efficient way to continue the conversation with customers and potential customers.

Your business or organization may have customers who read promotional emails, but you might still be missing out on a great opportunity to turn potential customers into actual customers, encourage previous customers to become repeat customers, and possibly even create brand evangelists.

So, what's the secret to successful email marketing? One of the most successful strategies is to set up automation series for new subscribers. Segment your subscribers according to action taken (purchase of a specific product or sign up from a specific page, for instance) or information provided when they sign up. Send information and offers which are relevant to the specific group and draw them in bit by bit.

Strike when the iron is hot! The first email should arrive right after subscription, and subsequent emails should be sent in short intervals thereafter (within reason, of course). You want your subscribers to get used to reading emails from you, and you want them to enjoy them. So write entertaining and engaging content and include really awesome offers.

Why don't you try it and let me know how it goes?

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